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Now That’s Spooky Action At A Distance!

Check out this extraordinary image of the supernova (from Reuters):

In this ultraviolet image (upper L), several weeks-old Supernova 2007uy is seen in galaxy NGC2770, taken on January 7, 2008, with a close-up, X-ray image of that supernova beneath. New Supernova 2008D (R) appears onto the scene in these images taken January 9, 2008, giving scientists the unique opportunity to witness the birth of a supernova. Thanks to a fortunate observation with NASA’s Swift satellite, astronomers, for the first time, have caught a normal supernova at the moment of its birth–the first instant when an exploding star begins spewing its energy into space, transforming into a supernova that during its brief lifetime will shine brighter than billions of stars combined (ScienceDaily.com, 2010)


Recently I have been listening to Sirius Radio, thanks to my dad for loaning me his fancy truck for a month, and have twice listened to Deepak Chopra’s channel.  At first I thought, man, I don’t know if I can listen to this guy, he’s so monotone… but then I realized how awesome the topic was and couldn’t stop listening let alone stop thinking about it since. Two times I turned on the station and both times was the same professor talking about Quantum Mechanics and how it relates to our physical and spiritual/emotional bodies in the universe.  Without bending your brain too much, he mentioned the phenomenon, “spooky action at a distance” which Einstein originally introduced, he came across this spooky phenomenon when studying the action of two molecules of the same entity, the interesting thing about it was that no matter the distance these two molecules were pulled apart, whatever actions one expressed in one place, the other did the exact same (but opposite; meaning they spin in different directions, one left & one right) at a distance.  Simultaneous action and reaction without direct contact!  So what is it that connects the two and delivers the call to action?  To the naked eye, there is no connection, no communication… there isn’t even a variable of time during which to illicit a response.  This idea brings to question a whole plethora of ideas, going against basically everything science can directly explain, which is in a sense mind-blowing!  Still there is no explanation for this phenomenon, but there right in front of our (these quantum mechanic’s) eyes, the molecules are acting and reacting, every time as if they are of the same ‘mind’.  The reason it is so interesting to me is because I am studying the enigmatic medicine of Acupuncture.  Currently there are researchers studying in great detail the mechanisms by which acupuncture works, but have yet to pin point an exact action.  There are theories, for example, the fascia theory: in short, this is the idea that every cell in our body is connected by fascial membranes (connective tissue) and we can access certain pathways (meridians) through the use of needles; affecting different parts of the whole body through the use of specific acupuncture points.

Even though we don’t understand the exact mechanism of Acupuncture, or why one molecule of a cell in one place will simultaneously affect another miles away without contact or means of communication (at least as far as we can perceive); this doesn’t change the fact that it is indeed happening or affecting the body and our own cells on a level that we just can not understand (at least presently). 

On this same note, I recently just watched a great TED talk in my Pathology class about a woman, Jill Bolte Taylor who had a Hemorrhagic Stroke in her left temporal lobe and lived to talk about her experience.  It is a remarkable video and leaves you emotional and inspired to make a difference in your attitude and your relationship with humanity.  Talk about ‘spooky action’!  She has an experience wherein the left hemisphere of her brain is completely shut off.  Her ability to communicate and use her physical body shuts down little by little yet she remains conscious the entire time, perceiving a reality that is unbeknownst to you and me.  I know, it sounds crazy right… but don’t take my word for it, listen to her story & I guarantee it will change your perception of reality, or at least leave you in wonderment! 

Jill Bolte Taylor: A Stroke of Insight  TEDtalks.com

Chinese Medicine is largely based on the idea that we are a part of nature, and we change as nature does.  We are made up of the same particles as the atmosphere and the earth around us, nitrogen, oxygen, water, iron, etc.  I just recently attended a talk by an Astrologist who is currently writing a book on Chinese Medicine and Astrology.  She’s spent a lot of time researching Astrology, Astronomy and has been studying a bit with a well renown Acupuncturist here in Portland.  One bit of information that goes along with my topic for the day was a discussion on the death of a Supernova; “when a star dies and explodes in an extraordinary fashion” (ScienceDaily.com, 2010).  In  january of 2008, astronomers caught a glimpse of this, the first ever witnessed event.  You can read the article here.  What really caught my attention was not the actual event itself (though that in itself is quite amazing), it was the realization of the event as an action/reaction of the whole universe.  It’s easy to think a star died, it blew up and there are a million other stars out there to take its place, and that’s it, but it is so much more than that.  Those stars are made up of gasses and different compounds, like our own atmosphere and bodies.  When a star is about to die, it essentially has burned up all its gasses except for its iron core (which can not burn anymore).  So, the star explodes into little bits into the universe and all those different elements are spewed out into the rest of space and made into something else, some new combination of elements and gaseous compounds.  Yes, somewhere along the way, all these little bits are made into a part of ourselves, so one could say, we are in essence, pieces put together by the stars… the iron in our blood, the nitrogen, the hydrogen… (crazy isn’t it!) 

Till next time…

~be well~



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