It’s a BIG weekend!

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So, here I sit, just spent another 10 hours in school knocking down midterms fighting off an inevitable headache, but I’m still at it!  In case you didn’t already know, this weekend is kind of a big deal!  For one it’s Valentine’s Day for all you romantics out there, for another it’s Chinese New Year… which is pretty exciting.  It is the year of the Tiger this year which means the year is sure to be filled with boldness; more on that later.  But, most importantly, starting tonight… it is the start of the Olympic Winter Games!  I can’t believe it is already here!  I have a special place in my heart for games like these, I just LOVE the competition and the awesomeness of it all; athletes uniting an otherwise divided country, the feats of pure strength, heart and athleticism and the fact that these athletes bring such inspiration and hope to us all!  Good luck to all the competitors from all countries… but especially my favorite snowboarder; Graham Watanabe (we’ve pretty much known eachother since before we could stand on two legs, let alone rip down a mountain on a board as fast as you can; a good ol’ hometown Hailey, ID boy)… you rock Grahambo!  Kick butt out there!  You can watch Graham on Monday he’ll be competing in the Men’s Snowboarder Cross!  Also, be sure to check out Women’s and Men’s Freestyle Moguls this weekend (I use to ski with these guys!!  I’m rooting for them all!)  & check out the Aerialists too!  If you didn’t see it already, my buddy Jeret Peterson (also an Idaho native – Boise, ID) otherwise known as Speedy was on The Biggest Loser this week and will be sure to kick some serious butt out there this year! So check out the schedule on & see what these guys can do!

Click here:  NBC Olympic Schedule

In the spirit of the Winter Games and since we’re on the topic of Winter sports and more specifically Skiing.  I wanted to also include this article that I just read from  

Skiing Injuries and The Power of TCM

The article discusses the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a treatment modality for injury prevention and as an essential treatment protocol for skiing injuries and post surgery rehab in high level athletes.   One common injury that many skiers, regardless of their abilities are afflicted with, is an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tear; meaning one of the four major ligaments in the knee has been compromised, either partially or completely torn.  In general ski injuries usually involve the knees & possibly back.  If you are familiar with skiing, this shouldn’t surprise you. 

TCM and other Chinese Medical modalities have proven to be quite successful in treating post-surgical procedures by reducing recovery time, strengthening tendon and ligaments, reducing inflammation and getting these athletes back on the hill stronger and more healthy than before.  In addition to Acupuncture, herbal remedies, both internal and topical may be used, as well as cupping, gua sha and moxa to increase blood flow, relieve stagnation and inflammation in the area of injury; and improve range of motion and overall joint health to get the athlete back on snow.  It can also be used as a preventative modality with functional training regimens and strength exercise.  In order to prevent injury and illness, you need to build up your body to overcome any adversity that it may be exposed to; the trick is being prepared and correcting your deficiencies & weaknesses before they are exposed!

 Now since I brought it up, you will all have to go knock on wood because I’m sure to have just broken a few rules as far as starting my post out wishing Olympic athletes good luck this year and ending it by discussing the treatment protocol for knee injuries!


Source: Feb., 12th 2010; Feb., 12th 2010; Feb., 12th 2010

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