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An Integrative Approach



This is one of the reasons that I love Portland so much!  It is an absolute mecca for anyone in the alternative health care business; and not just alternative but anyone in health care.  I may be a bit partial but I believe Portland is at the forefront of all things progressive in Medicine, intent on collaborating all types of Medicine to achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone.  If you are in the area check out this new lecture series that the Oregon Collaborative for Integrative Medicine is putting on.  They have already held two seminars; one of which you can view on their website. 

Did you know that Portland, Oregon might be the only city in the world to house a medical school, a naturopathic college, a chiropractic college and a college of oriental medicine? We are committed to enhancing health and health care by building upon this unique opportunity.

The Oregon Collaborative for Integrative Medicine or OCIM is a collaborative formed between the National College of Natural Medicine, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University and Western States Chiropractic College that aims to promote integrative health through education, research and patient care.

It feels really special to be so close to all these great minds in the Alternative and Complementary Medicine world of Oregon, and to be a part of a such an amazing paradigm shift in the health care arena.  On their website, OCIM has resources for patients, practitioners and students and it looks like they will be expanding in the future.  In October they started a lecture series which is open & free to the public.  You can even access the video link to a lecture on the Swine Flu (their first integrative lecture) on their website.  I haven’t been able to make one due to school constraints but hope to attend one soon!  If you are in the Portland area, I highly recommend checking it out and seeing where the future of our Medicine is headed.  If you are a student, they are in the process of setting up a grassroots platform for change; if you would like to be a part of it, there is a link to email them for more information!  From the homepage click the ‘For Students’ link.

The next lecture will be held on January 13th, 2010 from 12 – 1:05 on the OHSU campus.  The topic will be Hypothyroidism; for more information please visit the website:  OCIM.org  Other topics coming up include:  ‘Managing Side Effects of Common Cancer Therapies’ & ‘Sports Medicine’ which will be held after the new year as well.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, you can keep watch there too!  Just scroll down to the bottom of the page here.

Stay tuned… this is only the beginning of an amazing collaboration between great minds in the health industry working together to promote healthy living and progress in the industry! 

~be well~


Source:  Oregon Collaboration for Integrative Medicine, Dec. 1st 2009

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