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A Change in the Seasons…

bike in the rain

by, enzo d.

As I went into town yesterday, my usual route to my favorite coffee shop was interrupted by a completely flooded street.  The rain was blustering from just about every direction and coming down in sheets & there’s sure to be snow coming down in the mountains.  Typical Portland weather you say?  Or just the commencement of Li Dong; the Winter season.  Not surprisingly, yesterday did in fact mark the first day of the Winter Season according to the Chinese Calendar; known as Li Dong in Pinyin.  Pretty soon the snow will start accumulating and we will be in the full swing of Winter. 

The Winter months, according to the Chinese Five Element system, Wu Xing, correlate to the Water element.  The energy of Water relates to darkness, cold, stillness and conservation.  It is said to govern the Kidneys, the ears and the bones &  is representative of intelligence, wisdom, flexibility, softness and pliancy.  If one were to imagine the stillness of the ocean or the pliancy of a river or stream, one can comprehend the natural tendencies of the Water element in a healthy state.   Following the nature of the seasons, implies we conserve our energy during the Winter months for the coming of the Yang seasons; Spring and Summer. 

 “Water ascends to fullness in the frost of winter as plants  submerge their energy into their roots, animals thicken their hides, and ponds harden into ice.  Movement slackens as matter and energy concentrate.  This is a time of apparent quiescence and stasis, yet beneath the surface is the hidden activity of gestation and germination that will bring forth renewal in spring… During this period of hibernation the essence of life persists in its most primitive state… [water] is the source of our inherited intelligence”.

So take advantage of these shorter days, get some much needed rest and enjoy the changing of the seasons as the snow begins to accumulate and the temperatures fall.  I always get excited when the weather starts to change as it’s an excuse to cozy up in my warm clothes, cuddle up next to a fire (or a space heater) with a cup of hot tea & it always reminds me that the holidays are right around the corner complete with home-baked pies and good times with family and friends. 

Source: Beinfeld, Harriet Lac., Korngold, Efrem Lac., Between Heaven & Earth, Random House, New York, NY, 1991., Wu Xing, www.wikipedia.com; Chinese Calendar, www.wikipedia.com


  1. November 9, 2009 at 9:30 p

    Did you say home-baked pies? Like an apple one? xo

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