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Fun with Acupressure!

Photo by vitreoushumour

Photo by vitreoushumour

Well, it turns out I am learning… and good thing too!  It’s nice to realize that all those hundreds of hours I’ve spent sitting on my butt, taking notes until my hands cramp and racking up the student loans that I’ll be paying off until the end of time are actually worth it!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but thankfully I’m still getting lots of hits on my blog and hopefully continuing to spread all the good news about acupuncture and it’s amazing benefits.  It’s been such a great Summer, (my favorite time of year) and I’ve been busy busy busy getting outdoors as much as I can, while I have the time. 

So, the point on this blog post is to share some useful information with all of you.  Most of my time in the past year at school has been spent in the classroom with not a lot of actual hands on time, however, all that is changing.  Last quarter we started to work in the clinic and this summer we get to work in a clinic off campus. Some of the things we get to do arebodywork, cupping and moxa.  It’s been really inspiring to put all that memorization and knowledge into practice and I find myself really starting to know what I’m talking about now!

Anyway, again, getting back to the point, I just recently spent some time with my friends who live in Corvallis and we ended up going to the river (The Willamette) to do some inter-tubing and just plain relaxing in the summer sun.  On the way there, we had to cross the river on a Ferry (which was sort of fun, since it was my first trip on a Ferry), but, my friend Maggie, who gets really sea sick, instantly ran to the edge and was literally gagging off the side.  Quick thinking on my part, I grabbed her wrist and put pressure on an acupuncture point on her forearm.  Literally, within seconds, I watched the nausea dissipate and the color come back to her face!  Great stuff right?  You may be familiar with this point, it’s about 3 finger breadths from the wrist crease on the inside of the forearm, just between the two tendons [if you don’t have a palmaris longus (both tendons); as some don’t then it’s just towards the radial side (thumb side) of the central tendon running up your forearm].  It lies on the Pericardium Channel, Pc 6, as is called Nei Guan, “Inner Gate”  Try it the next time you feel nauseous, and see what you think… I’ve done it on myself before, but it was truly fun to watch the point in action.  This point is also good for insomnia, palpitations,  headache, cough, asthma  and digestion issues just to name a few. 

So there you have it, my fun fact of the day… until next time, be well!

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  1. Aaron Hill
    August 8, 2009 at 2:36 p

    Wish I would have know about this prior to getting sea sick on the last fishing trip… I will make sure to try it next time Resko! Cool blog great work!

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