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As they say, shift happens…


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Yin Tang - hmfultonmd 

Yin Tang - hmfultonmdRecently posted on USNews.com; we are on the verge of Healthcare reform and change may be seen as soon as summer’s end!  7 Ways Health Reform Is Going to Affect You talks about… you guessed it, the logistics of Obama’s Healthcare reform and there at number 7: 

7) You might find your doctor prescribing acupuncture for your back pain and a trip abroad for your surgery. Complementary and alternative medicine, often dismissed by mainstream medicine, will be encouraged by your health plan as a low-cost substitute for standard care. As President Obama said a few weeks ago when asked about acupuncture for chronic pain, if there’s evidence it works, support it. The British national health system has just approved acupuncture as part of standard care for aching backs. Other forms of alternative medicine are sure to follow.

Acupuncture and other Alternative forms of Medicine are quickly gaining ground and establishing a presence in healthcare in the US.  As a student of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine I have been seeing a wonderfully helpful side of healthcare that I think we all wish for!  Well, it’s here folks… the shift is happening and hopefully in the future (hopefully sooner than later) it will be more available through insurance companies for us to use!

Source:  USnews.com; June 10, 2009

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