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‘Young Cancer Patient Finding Relief Through Acupuncture’

needles by hradcanska

needles by hradcanska

 One of the things Acupuncture is great at, is treating pain.  It has the ability to literally eradicate it within seconds to minutes upon needle insertion.  People have found relief with low back pain, migraines, muscle aches, joint pain, TMJ, you name it, it’s probably documented.  In the past decade or so a number of Western MD’s have taken up Acupuncture as part of their own practice and it’s beginning to be a mainstay in practices across the US.  In an article I found on goerie.com, a teenage boy, being treated for a rare form of muscle cancer; rhabdomyosarcoma, in a children’s hospital in Connecticut is getting great results from acupuncture. 

“A.J. Burke hates needles. So when his doctor suggested acupuncture to ease his cancer pain, the teenager’s reluctance went well beyond the question of what the ancient Chinese remedy was doing in a high-tech children’s hospital.About a month ago, however, the aches in A.J.’s legs and lower back overpowered his doubts. He allowed Dr. William Zempsky to stick a few delicate needles into his lower back.  Remarkably, the relief A.J. felt lasted longer than the relief morphine had been providing.”

With Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, it seems the possibilities are endless; there has been case after case of people benefitting from it time and again and the best part is, that it isn’t invasive and it has the potential to be quite affordable!

If you are curious about Acupuncture and would like to try it, ask your doctor today or look up a local L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist) to get all the facts and make an appointment!

To find an Acupuncturists near you; check out Acufinder.com

To find an affordable, community acupuncture clinic; check out the Community Acupuncture Network

Source:  Waldman, Hilary, Young Cancer Patient Finds Relief Through Acupuncture, www.goerie.com, Feb, 23 2004

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