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‘Integrative PTSD Programs for Vets’



Keeping with the theme of my last two posts, this article was just published in Acupuncture Today (both a newspaper and internet source). 

…and just when I was wondering why there weren’t more programs out there working to implement these complementary modalities in treating Veterans’ with PTSD.  It reaps benefits for both the afflicted vets as well as our economy! 

Advocates for the integrated approach in the treatment of PTSD at both Ft. Hood (El Paso, Texas) and Ft. Bliss (Killeen, Texas) were convinced that the traditional methods of treating PTSD weren’t long enough in duration, intense enough or comprehensive enough. A program was created that would address all aspects of PTSD and treat the whole soldier. This integrative approach treats many of the symptoms of PTSD that are not addressed through the standard mental health protocols, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and pharmacotherapy. The concept eventually led to the implementation of the Ft. Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center and the Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program at Ft. Hood that incorporated medical massage, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, marital/family therapy and reiki with the standard treatment protocols of cognitive-behavioral and cathartic psychotherapies and pharmacotherapy”.

To read the whole article, click this link:  Weighing the Costs, Integrative PTSD Programs for Veterans

Source:  www.acupuncturetoday.com April, 23 ’09

  1. Anna
    May 2, 2009 at 12:19 p

    Thanks for posting this. There’s actually a facility near me in Milwaukee that is using acupuncture, reiki, massage, etc. to help treat survivors of sexual assault who may be experiencing PTSD (http://www.thehealingcenter.org/aboutus/services/default.aspx). Hopefully future research will show that non-western treatments are not only effective, but will also allow people to be more accepting of them as a viable treatment options.

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