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Acupuncture Made Affordable


Acupuncture Made Affordable… it’s a dream come true…

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a seminar held at OCOM on Working Class Acupuncture.  What it is is, Acupuncture held in a group setting treating high volumes with low prices. It’s something I’m really interested in as a future practitioner and look forward to learning more about in the meantime. 

As a student and former employee of the general workforce where I wasn’t making much money, I know what it’s like to skate by every month on small paychecks that barely account for your groceries and bills.  Before coming to school and getting great student deals, Acupuncture was a luxury that I could only sometimes afford, and more often than not, it was usually in the form of a Christmas or Birthday gift.  Unfortunately, I think most people can’t afford to get Acupuncture.  So what are we supposed to do, just throw our health out the window and bank on the idea that we aren’t going to get sick or have any health problems?  My guess is that most of us are in need of a little help in the health arena, and would like to be and continue to be healthy, and wouldn’t it be nice, if you could afford to do just that on your current budget?  

One of the great problems I see with Acupuncture treatments in general is that in order to receive the greatest effects of this medicine, it may be necessary to get treatment as often as three times a week for a number of weeks or possibly over the span of a few months.  How can anyone commit to something like that when it’s going to cost them upwards of $65 a treatment out of pocket?!  Acupuncture is such an amazing medicine, it should be available to all people who need and want it, but it starts to get pretty spendy.

Working Class Acupuncture got started in Portland OR, in 2002, and has been gaining ground across the country as a viable option for those who simply can’t afford regular treatments .  Treatments are held in a group setting, so many people can be seen at once and it is either around the cost of $25 treatments or on a sliding scale starting as low as $15 (that’s as much as a copay).  Working Class Acupuncture has steadily been gaining popularity amongst patients and practitioners alike, people want to go, and Acupuncturists want to model their own business’ after them.  Recently Working Class Acupuncture launched the organization Community Acupuncture Network, CAN, to share their model across the nation and bring Working Class Acupuncture to every city and town across the nation.   

Here is a quick youtube video about Portlands Working Class Acupuncture Clinic given by one of their own Licensed Acupuncturists

If you are a Portland, OR resident, please check out Working Class Acupuncture’s Website here and if you are looking for an organization elsewhere, please visit CAN’s site here, and click on the world map to find a treatment clinic near you!

Another option for those of you looking for an affordable acupuncture clinic, check to see if there is a Chinese Medical School in your city, and look into treatments there as well!  Since they will most likely have a teaching clinic, usually prices are pretty good!  I know at OCOM (Oregon College of Oriental Medicine), right now, treatments are $22, and in a group setting only $10.  If you are interested in body work, we also have Shiatsu and Tuina Massage available.  So if you live in or around Portland, this is definitely a great option as well, and if you come in starting April 5th, you may even get to see me in your treatment room (I will just be starting my observation rounds), so see you there!  Click here for more information!


Sources:  March, 1, 2009 www.workingclassacupuncture.org; March,1, 2009 www.communityacupuncturenetwork.org;  March, 1, 2009 www.ocom.edu

  1. Nancy
    March 14, 2009 at 8:19 p

    The idea of affordable treatments is so needed throughout the country. Since most health insurance ompanies do not cover accupuncture many of us are locked into an ineffective western approach to healing. Few people can afford to venture into this alternative approach with enough frequency to gain the desired effect. Hats off to these forward thinking practitioners.

  2. jim
    March 5, 2009 at 5:37 p

    thanks for the good information. i think this is something very inovative and good.

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