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Healthcare and the State of our Economy

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Healthcare and the State of our Economy

With the current status of our economy and the shift happening within our political structure, I thought it only appropriate to add in some information I found pertaining to the subject.  Change seems to be the theme these days and I think a lot of us are getting fed up with the current healthcare system and the influence the drug companies seem to have over us. 

Here is a link to a response to an article printed in the New York Times on our current Healthcare system, the influence of drug companies and the growing attention towards alternative sources of healthcare, such as Acupuncture.  Really, I couldn’t have said it better myself which is why I’m sharing it with you.  Please check it out, and if anything just browse through it, I’m sure something will catch your eye.

This website of Dr. Mercola’s is one of my favorite sites on the web.  I usually find tons of helpful information from this guy for just about everything and if you haven’t already checked the site out I highly recommend it!  Here it is… Enjoy!

Will the Down Economy Herald the use of Natural Medicine?

I am also going to put a link to Dr. Mercola’s website in My Link’s under Health & Wellness so you can check it out in the future.

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